The #UNSHAKABLE campaign celebrates the drive, passion, independence and strength of the ECNL athlete.  Using images, videos, and real stories that will build throughout the season, #UNSHAKABLE will highlight the challenges, motivations, and choices that players face through their soccer journey, sharing moments of triumph and success to motivate today’s ECNL player.  Importantly, the #UNSHAKABLE resources and concepts were developed by female athletes for female athletes, with contributions from notable ECNL Alums in all professions – from the field, the classroom and the work force.

With a seven-year history, ECNL Alums have made an unprecedented impact on collegiate soccer, and are just beginning to hit the national, professional and international stage.  With each new ECNL Alum success story, a new dream and new confidence emerges for today’s ECNL player.  To celebrate the power of player-to-player motivation, emphasize the need for role modeling and community in achievement, and support the importance of a holistic development experience, #UNSHAKABLE will include the opportunity to become an Amazing Young Women Ambassador, a way for players of all ages to connect with those that have come before them and will come after them.

#UNSHAKABLE Spotlights