The #GameChanger campaign celebrates the desire, ambition and impact of the ECNL athlete.  #GameChanger will celebrate the opportunities on and off the field before today’s girls ECNL player using images, videos and real stories to align them with role models, alums and ambassadors across the country.

About #GameChanger

#GameChanger is a dynamic campaign of digital, social and on-field activations expanding the Amazing Young Woman offerings to showcase and celebrate female role models, and offer an aspirational focus for all female athletes and teens as they prepare to be our next generation of leaders.  Highlights include:

#GameChanger Online:

  • #GameChanger limited edition NIKE retail line at ECNL National Events and on www.shopayw.com.
  • #GameChanger Video Series highlighting various soccer moments, opportunities and choices female players face daily as they pursue their dreams and become leaders.
  • ECNL Ambassadors connecting today’s player to stars outside of the soccer world.
  • ECNL Alums to connect today’s player to former ECNLers, and share experiences of college and beyond.

#GameChanger On-Field:

  • The ZONE health and well being center at every ECNL National Event.
  • The #GameChanger Lounge with a social media display to engage and connect through relatable posts, stories, pictures and testimonials.
  • Compilation Team Competitions, offering multiple platforms for players to share their personal game changing moments and choices, connecting them with ECNL Alums and ECNL Ambassadors.