Alumni Hub

Welcome to the ECNL Alumni Hub!
The ECNL Alumni Hub is designed to engage current and soon-to-be ECNL alumni to remain connected with the league and to network with their fellow ECNLers. The ECNL Alumni Hub also features ECNL Alums who have been highlighted as S’Heros and AYW Spotlights. Stay tuned to see what the Alumni Hub has in store for you!

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ECNL Alum S'Heroes

Alexis Long

February 2015 S'Hero Community Leader

Andi Sullivan

January 2018 S'Hero

Daphne Corboz

February 2017 S'Hero

Jennifer Westendorf

January 2015 S'Hero

Lizzy Crist

November 2017 S'Hero

Maddie Steinmetz

May 2015 S’Hero Community Leader

Madison Dawkins

April 2015 S'Hero Community Leader

Morgan Andrews

December 2016 S'Hero

Shea Groom

October 2016 S'Hero