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The Zone is a health and wellness resource and destination created specifically to meet the unique needs of elite teen female athletes.

The Zone is designed to help young female athletes maintain peak performance, experience new recovery and rejuvenation protocols, and learn to better manage the demands of top-level athletic training and competition.

The Zone includes:

  • THE ZONE POP-UP TOUR. The Zone will tour the nation making stops at every ECNL National Event in the 2015-2016 season to teach and reinforce best practices for maintaining peak performance before, during and after competition. Onsite, players will be able to participate in all phases of high-level athletic preparation –receiving and learning pre-competition taping techniques, having access to pre and post-competition nutrition, learning improved recovery protocols, and hearing leadership lessons from former players. The Zone is a destination for players to connect, recharge and learn. The Zone Tour locations:
    1. ECNLPHX: Phoenix, AZ @ Reach 11 Sports Complex, Nov 13-15, 2015
    2. ECNLFL: Sanford, FL @ Seminole Soccer Complex, Dec 28-30, 2015
    3. ECNLTX: Houston, TX @ Meyer Park, Feb 13-15, 2016
    4. ECNLSD: San Diego, CA @ San Diego Polo Club, April 1-3, 2016
    5. ECNLNJ: Zarephath, NJ @ PDA Soccer Complex, May 28-30, 2016
    6. ECNL Play-Offs: San Diego, CA @ Oceanside, June 23-28, 2016
    7. ECNL Finals: TBD, July 2016

  • THE ZONE HUB. This 360’ online hub is home to tools, resources, and testimonials tailored to meet the specific needs of teen girls. Information will:
    • Be accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year;
    • Reinforce strong health habits as a critical factor to individual success throughout life; and
    • Provide players insight and inspiration to meet the demands of high performance living.

Let's help these Amazing Young Women in defining their paths for success!
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